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the shit version of my photography blog (volume 1)

£3.00 / Sold Out

'the shit version of my photography blog' - the new zine by Emily Harris!

Available in both white and pink (the white one is a heavier, smoother paper stock, the pink one is pink - it's up to you!)

ALSO: for £0.50 you can also get a print of one of the images from this zine!

(please note - the print will be in the same style as the zine, not like the original images on my photography blog)

All zines are printed and put together by me, so print and binding quality may very, but not too much.

There is a shipping charge of 50p for the US, Canada, and Australia (blame brexit)

Current photographs of zine just a place holder until I take better ones on an actual camera.


(for more images of inside of zine, go to emilyaxtell.tumblr.com)